Moana Spas Summer Tips

With the weather temperatures rising we tend to look for ways to cool ourselves down. If you own a Moana Spa Pool we have good news for you! Here is the list of ideas that will help make the most of your spa pool this summer.

Set the right temperature

Normal human body temperature is 37°C. Any water temperature below this level will feel cool to the touch. Set your spa pool temperature to 27.5-29.5°C and let the water cool down.

To speed up the water cooling process, turn your air jets on.

Cover your spa pool

Make sure your spa pool is covered when not in use during hot summer days. The spa pool cover will prevent water from absorbing the heat from the sun and surroundings like hot concrete pavings and walls.

Use the economy mode

By turning ECONOMY MODE on your spa pool will only use the heater during the filter cycle and when the water temperature drops below the set temperature.

Be cautious

Be careful when entering the pool. Sudden temperature change can lead to lightheadedness so take it easy!

Do not forget about the water quality

Keep maintaining your water quality as per usual. 

Don’t forget to enjoy!